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Perhaps this describes you...you awaken in the morning, drag yourself into the kitchen and reach for the ONE THING you use and depend on EVERY single day...your COFFEE MUG! You grab your favorite coffee or two, brew it as quickly as possible JUST for that first, delicious, calming sip. Once again you've started your day with your friend...the one that makes you laugh or reminds you of a favorite movie, pet, character or phrase. Your mug! Now, let me ask you a simple question...
Do you have just ONE mug?
Ha! Silly question, right?! Of course you don't. You likely have MORE mugs than you have space for, right? Or am I the ONLY one? (and I don't even drink coffee!). Well I'll let you in on a little secret...EVERYONE has more than one mug and they buy MORE all the time! Why? For the same reason YOU do...it's a simple way to express yourself!
Now Imagine if Their NEXT Favorite Mug Was Created By YOU!
Creative Mug Design!
In this brand-new, beginner-friendly training, I will reveal simple, but powerful design strategies you can use immediately to create fun, professional-looking mug designs...EVEN if you consider yourself artistically challenged! And because I've designed this training to perfectly compliment other courses that teach how to build a mug business, you'll add awesome design tools to your existing knowledge!

During the in-depth strategy sessions I'm know for, you will discover:
  • Mug Design Research Strategies​that will help you zero in on the best mug designs to create for your market.
  • Font and Image Resources that you can use commercially for your mug designs without worry of copyright or trademark issues!
  • And MOST Important...easy-to-follow, step-by-step design demos using familiar tools to make creating your designs easy but professional-looking!
Ready to Get Started? I Thought You Might Be...
Here Are Some Important Details...
This new training includes TWO Modules as well as a Facebook Group where you can share your mug designs, insights and more with others in the training!

I have ALSO included TWO powerful bonuses that I think you'll love! The first is a training I taught on the foundations of mug design. It shares all the basics you'll need to know to get your mug design business up and running. The second BONUS is a training that was one of my favorites and it's on t-shirt design. Now you might be thinking...wait a minute, I thought we were talking about mugs? We are...the design process is similar in many ways, which is why this is a PERFECT bonus addition!
“Creative Mug Design”
Special Offer!
  • TWO “Beginner Friendly” Training Sessions​that reveal how to easily design and create fun, professional-looking mug designs, EVEN if you're artistically challenged!
  • Step-by-Step Demos will guide you through the design process using easy-to-follow methods and familiar tools. 
  • Ongoing Access to the training videos!
  • Dedicated​"Mug Design" Facebook Group.
  • BONUS Modules include mug creation basics as well as an awesome session on t-shirt design (which easily transfers to mug designs)!
Your Teacher, Tony Laidig
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